NSF REU Site: UMN Neuroimaging Summer Research Experience

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Neuroimaging REU home page!

We are accepting applicants for summer 2022 throught normal mechanisms (Apply tab above)!

This Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is a 10 week resident summer program for undergraduate students, graciously supported by the NSF (Award 1757390). Students will live on the UMN campus and work full-time in research labs, using cuting-edge neuroimaging tools to answer questions in cognitive neuroscience.

The program give students both detailed knowledge of neuroimaging methods and intensive experience using them in a research project. An imaging boot camp will give trainees facility with fMRI and EEG imaging modalities. Students will then conduct individual imaging-based research projects within top Cognitive Neuroscience labs. Participating labs span three subdomains in the field, perception, cognition, and clinical applications, and examples of topics under investigation range from techniques to enhance memory and creativity, to factors that underlie drug addiction in teenagers, to interventions to aid speech comprehension in people with hearing loss. Additional seminars will cover topics such as research ethics, scientific writing, crafting graduate school applications, and how to navigate laboratory structure.

The program starts around May 31st and ends around August 11th (varies slightly from year to year).  Students will participate in weekly meetings to discuss scientific and career development.  One capstone of the program is when students present posters on their lab projects at a summer research conference hosted by UMN.

This program is hosted by the UMN Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs, which helps to run around 8 similar programs in different fields around the university. Students will be join a larger cohort of 75 students to participate in many fun and educational programs provided by the LSSURP.  As part of this larger group, students will have the option in participating in outings and activities that take advantage of the recreational opportunities available in the Twin Cities over the summer (e.g. picnic, boat-ride, Twins game).